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Re align your office bound spine, our 45 minute mat work Pilates class will let you head back to your desk feeling longer,leaner and stronger. A mix of challenging Pilates exercises, stretches and twists will help you develop a stronger more stable core, elongate your spine, bring your attention to those lower abdominals, add tone and definition – this is a life skill.

If you want to shine a spotlight on stability we also have Pilates with Props where we use bands,blocks,balls and hand weights to focus on precision of movement and balance – its whole new level!

Perhaps you are post natal or a complete beginner then we also have a Basics Class for an hour on a Thursday which we run as a 6 week course to teach you everything you need to know about this body conditioning workout.


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Classes cost £7 and £8 and are payable by Paypal as you book. We also appreciate that there may be a need to cancel sometimes and so we say that with 2 hours notice (which will allow someone on the wait list to book on) you may choose another session for another time with no further fee to pay.

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Core Strength

Pilates with Charlie

Balance and Strength

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